Chafitz Morphy Encore

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Chafitz Morphy Encore
Morphy Encore.jpg
Hersteller Programmierer Markteinführung Elo
Chafitz Aker, John 1981 1450
Prozessor Takt RAM ROM
6502 2 Mhz 2 KB 8 KB
Rechentiefe BT-2450 BT-2630 Colditz
Bibliothek 50+ Opening Lines
Display 8 stellige alphanumerische Anzeige
Spielstufen 9
Zugeingabe Tastatur
Zugausgabe Alphanumerisches Display
Einführungspreis 700 DM (350 €)
Prozessortyp 8 Bit
Stromversorgung 10V / 830mA
Programm-Modul nicht austauschbar / 4 MHz Tuning möglich / Identisch mit dem austauschbaren Morphy Edition Master Chess Modul

Level Infobox
30 Sek / Zug 30 Min / Partie 60 Sek / Zug 60 Min / Partie Turnier Analyse
Stufe 3 Keine Stufe für gesamte Partie! - Keine Stufe für gesamte Partie! Stufe 8 (40 Züge in 2 Stunden) Stufe 6


Gegenüber dem alten Programm Boris/Sargon 2.5 besitzt Morphy Encore einige Neuheiten:

  • Mittels Audio-Taste ist ein Abstellen des Tons möglich.
  • Zwei Spielstufen (7 und 8) wurden ergänzt. Leider liegen sie in ihrer durchschnittlichen Rechenzeit nicht, wie zu vermuten wäre, über der alten Stufe 6, sondern in etwa bei der Turnierstufe 4.
  • Die Eröffnungsbibliothek wurde aufgestockt.
  • Durch Straffung des Programms werden wesentlich schnellere Lösungszeiten bei Schachproblemen möglich.
  • Die Läuferbewertung scheint gegenüber dem Springer nun höher zu liegen, so dab, das Programm nicht so oft wie bei Boris/Sargon 2.5 den Tausch Läufer gegen Springer vornimmt!
  • Die Kommentare wurden bis auf die Mattansagen gestrichen.

The levels and their meanings are as follows:

  • Level 0 - A special beginner's level or used for speed chess. Morphy Encore finds any mate in one at this level.
  • Level 1 - At power-on Morphy Encore is set to Level 1. A fast paced game. Playing strength is about USCF 1000.
  • Level 2 - The whole game should last about 1 hour. Playing strength is about USCF 1200.
  • Level 3 - Morphy Encore can solve any mate in two problem at this level. Playing strenght is about 1400.
  • Level 4 - Morphy Encore should have no trouble making 40 moves in 90 minutes at this level.
  • Level 5 - Morphy Encore can solve any mate in three problem at Level 5. For the patient player, Morphy Encore provides solid chess approaching the 1800 level.
  • Level 6 - At level 6 playing Morphy Encore is more like postal chess. A single game could last up to a month. At this level Morphy Encore can find some mate in four problems.
  • Level 7 - Tournament Level designed to play 30 moves per hour.
  • Level 8 - Tournament level designed to play 40 moves every two hours.

Description Morphy Encore:

  • Portability - The Morphy Encore is a compact unit that can be carried with you everywhere. It has a self-contained storage bin for the chess pieces, and a keyboard for move entry.
  • Play Mode - The Morphy Encore can be opened and set up to play in a matter of seconds. Simply pull the game drawer out of the game board/case, set up your chess board and plug in your power adapter. Presto! Ready to Play! The Morphy Encore fits the smallest table top as its dimensions in play mode are only 15" x 9" x 2".
  • Feedback/Move Indicator - This extra large fluorescent display, with a slight tilt to its elevation for maximum readability, provides instant feedback to confirm game moves you have entered. In addition it indicates the moves the computer desires to make, as well as relevant comments about the game in progress. The Feedback. Move indicator is the control center of the communication system between you and the game computer.
  • Game Board - The top of the game case is a chess board. The game board has alpha and/or numeric designations to indicate keyboard entry for particular moves made in a game.
  • The Morphy Encore has a keyboard for entering moves into the computer.
  • Piece Storage Bin - This bin will store chess pieces when game is not in play, or captured pieces during play.
  • Audio ON/OFF - Morphy Encore is equipped with a feature that allows you to turn off the audio responses should you desire. Just depress the audio key to stop the sound. Depress it again and the sound will return.
  • Opening Book - For your enjoyment, an opening book of master moves has been included in this Morphy Encore, and he can select randomly from a repertoire of over 50 different opening lines. Some lines are played often, others seldom enough to surprise. The opening book is designed to afford your maximum variety in the style and character of the opening and the whole game.
  • Best - The Best key allows you to choose between two modes of play for Morphy Encore. When you press [Best], Morphy Encore displays a small dot to the right of the hyphen. In this mode, Morphy Encore will always play the single move that he considers best. No variety will be included in his play. When this feature is not in effect, no dot is displayed. In normal mode, Morphy encore will not always make the same response to any given move. Instead he selects a move from a number of moves which he considers to be best.
  • Restore - The Restore key allows you to back move during the game. Each time [RESTORE] is pressed, both Morphy Encore's last move and your last move will be unmoved. Morphy Encore signals that he has taken back the moves with a two tone Beep-Beep. Up to three pairs of moves may be taken back at a time.The Restore key allows you to take back blunders without having to change the internal gameboard. Although technically this is cheating, it can be very instructive. The Restore feature is especially valuable for studying chess problems, since different moves can be tried easily.
  • Changing Sides - You may change sides with Morphy Encore at any time during a game. Morphy Encore will immediately begin thinking with colors reversed.
  • Hint - You can use Morphy Encore as a Chess Tutor, to see what he would do in your place.
  • Halt - While Morphy Encore is thinking he flashes the best move he has so far. You can halt Morphy Encore's thinking and force him to make that move.
  • Thinking on the Oppenent's Time - If you have Morphy Encore set to level 1 - 8, Morphy Encore will continue thinking while you are deciding on a move. Morphy Encore assumes that you will make the move suggested in the hint and begins at once to compute his reply.
  • Timer - Morphy Encore is equipped with an automatic timer. The timer keeps track of the amount of time the player or Morphy Encore has spent on the current move and the total time each has taken so far in the game.
  • Recalling the Board - Morphy Encore is constantly altering his internal board as you play, so that he always knows where all the remaining pieces are. You may recall Morphy Encore's internal board for display at any time by using the Rank key. Morphy Encore uses his internal board to make trial moves, when he is thinking. You can watch Morphy Encore move the pieces by pressing [Rank] when it is his turn.
  • Modifying the Board - When it is your turn to move, any piece can be added to or removed from the board.
  • Morphy Encore does not employ his best end-game strategies until after the end-game indicator is on. If you want to set up and end game problem to practice on against Morphy Encore, make sure this indicator is on. Set Morphy Encore on level 0 and repeatedly press [B/W] until the indicator lights. Then set up your end game practice problem.
  • Underpromotion - Morphy Encore automatically promotes a pawn to queen when it reaches the eighth rank. If you want to promote a pawn to a lessor piece than a queen, you may perform your move by modifying the board.
  • Memory - the memory position feature also allows you to interrupt a game in progress for continuation at a later time.