Fidelity Little Chesster

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Fidelity Little Chesster (Model 6125)
Fidelity Little Chesster 3.JPG

Picture by Michael Watters - Chess Computer UK

Hersteller Programmierer Markteinführung Elo
Fidelity Spracklen, Dan & Kathe 1991
Prozessor Takt RAM ROM
M50743 2 MHz 256 bytes 4 KB + 124 KB Speech
Rechentiefe BT-2450 BT-2630 Colditz
Bibliothek 12.000 Halbzüge
Display Nein
Spielstufen 33
Zugeingabe Drucksensoren
Zugausgabe 16 Rand-LEDs
Einführungspreis $89.95
Prozessortyp 8 Bit
Stromversorgung Batterie 4x AAA, Netzteil = HGN 5001
Maße 26 x 24 x 2.2 cm / Schachbrett 20 x 20 cm / Königshöhe 4.8 cm
Verwandt Fidelity Chesster Challenger , Fidelity Excellence , Radio Shack 1900L
64 ply takeback, up to Mate-in-8, Easy-mode is always activated(!)

Level Infobox
30 Sek / Zug 30 Min / Partie 60 Sek / Zug 60 Min / Partie Turnier Analyse
a5 - a6 - a8 b1 - f8


The Fidelity Little Chesster Challenger is a budget version of the Fidelity Chesster Challenger. Emphasis is on an entertaining chess partner. It is still capable of 345 phrases, but the board, the speaker and the computer hardware are all low budget components. According to Computer Chess Reports 1991 Vol 2 No 1 Page 5 the program is the same as the later models of the Fidelity Excellence but on slower Hardware, with a much smaller opening book which allows it to be contained on the 4KB ROM. It includes a genuine novice level suitable for beginners.

The main circuit board components are :-

M50743SP - Single Chip cpu with 6502 architecture, 128 KB ROM and 256 bytes RAM


and the voice synthesizer chip.

In fact two versions of the Little Chesster were manufactured. In the photograph showing both versions (below), the one on the right is the original version made in 1991, and the one on the left dates from 1992. The original had 8 countdown levels which are not found in the later model. The two versions also have different piece sets. You may also come across some 'clones' of the 25 level version, namely the Radio Shack 1900L Talking Chess Computer and Sharper Image Talking Chess Companion.

Pictures by Michael Watters - Chess Computer UK

Fidelity Little Chesster 2.JPG Fidelity Little Chesster 4.JPG
Fidelity Little Chesster 9.jpg Fidelity Little Chesster 8.jpg
Fidelity Little Chesster 1.JPG