Peri Beta

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Peri Beta

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Hersteller Peri Spiele
Markteinführung 1989
CElo 1300
Programmierer Nelson, Ron
Prozessor Takt RAM ROM
80C50 6 MHz 256 bytes 4 KB
Rechentiefe BT-2450 BT-2630 Colditz
Bibliothek ~100 Positionen
Display No
Spielstufen 8
Zugeingabe Drucksensoren
Zugausgabe 16 Rand LEDs
Einführungspreis 249 DM
Prozessortyp 8 Bit
Stromversorgung 4 AA batteries, Adaptor = HGN 5001
Maße 35.5 x 26 x 2.5 cm / Chessboard 20 x 20 cm / King height 5 cm
Verwandt Fidelity Designer 1500
Mate in 2 only. Take back limited to 2 ply.

Level Infobox
30 Sek / Zug 30 Min / Partie 60 Sek / Zug 60 Min / Partie Turnier Analyse
4 5 8


These pictures show that the Peri Beta is a "clone" of the Fidelity Designer 1500. In the first picture the Peri Beta is on the left and the Designer 1500 on the right. The PCBs are identical Fidelity components and the 80C50 processors are exactly the same. In games played simultaneously against both chess computers they replied with the same moves at the same time in most cases. There were very occasional differences in the middle game, when they responded with different moves at the same time. The chess program is weak, only being capable of finding Mate-in-2.

Copyright Pictures by Michael Watters -