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  • EPROM Version of 8049H
  • 8-Bit CPU, ROM, RAM, I/O in Single Package
  • Pin Compatible with 8048/8748
  • Single 5V Supply
  • 1.4 µsec Cycle Versions
  • 2K x 8 ROM/EPROM
    • 128x8 RAM 27 I/O Lines
  • Interval Timer/Event Counter
  • Easily Expactdable Memory and 110
  • All Instructions 1 or 2 Cycles
  • Over 90 Instructions: 70°/d Single Byte
  • Compatible with 8080/8085 Series
  • Single Levei Interrupt

The Intel 8749H is a totally self-sufficient, 8-bit parallel computer fabricated on a single silicon chip using Intel's N-channel silicon gate HMOS process. The 8749H contains a 2K x 8 program memory, a 128 x 8 RAM data memory, 27 I/O lines and an 8-bit timer/counter in addition to on-board oscillator and clock circuits. For systems that require extra capability, the 8749 can be expanded using standard memories and MCS-80/85 peripherals. To reduce development problems to a minimum and provide maximum fiexibility, two interchangeable pin-compatible versions of this single component microcomputer exist: the 8749H with user-programmable and erasable EPROM program memory for prototype and preproduction systems and the 8049H with factory-programmed mask ROM program memory for low cost, high volume production. These microcomputers are designed to be efficient controllers as well as arithmetic processors. They have extensive bit handling capabillty as well as facilities for both binary and BCD arithmetic. Efficient use of program memory results from an instruction set consisting mostly of single bit instructions and no instructions over 2 bytes in length.