Conic Korchnoi

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Conic Korchnoi
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Michael Watters - Chess Computer UK

Hersteller Programmierer Markteinführung Elo
Conic Chen, Stephen? 1982
Prozessor Takt RAM ROM
6502A 2 MHz 1 KB 8 KB
Rechentiefe BT-2450 BT-2630 Colditz
Bibliothek 700 Halbzüge
Spielstufen 6
Prozessortyp 8 Bit
Stromversorgung Netz DC 9 Volt
Maße Spielfeld = 24 x 24 cm
Erstes Magnetsensorbrett in Plastikausführung, Levelanzeige als Ziffer auf dem Spielbrett

In addition to the 6502 with the RAM and ROM indicated in the information sheet, it has an OKI MSM5840 microcontroller, which manages the sensory board, the LEDs and the audio. This microcontroller contains 2 KB of ROM and 512 bits of RAM.

The 6502, with its external ROM (8 KB) and RAM (1 KB), is in charge of the chess engine and opening book. This engine does not recognise draw by threefold repetition rule or insufficient material, but it does recognise stalemate.