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4-Bit CMOS Microcomputers

The HMCS404C/CL/AC are CMOS 4-bit single-chip microcomputers which are members of the HMCS400 series. The HMCS4O4C/CL/AC have efficient and powerful architecture and its software is very similar to the HMCS40 series. These microcomputers provide variety of on-chip resources such as ROM, RAM, I/O, two timerJcounters and a serial interface to perform in wide users' applications. I/0 pins of HMCS404C/CL/AC are able to drive fluorescent display tube directly.

Die HNCS404CL is able to operate in low voitage and has the characteristics of wide-range operation voltage. The HMCS4O4AC is a high-speed version of HMCS4O4C.


  • 4-bit Architecture
  • 4,096 Words x 10-bit ROM
  • 256 Digits x 4-bit RAM